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7th Hub Academic Forum for Doctors of Economics and Management Held at CUEB

Author:Translated by Zhang HX, Proofread by Zhang Yijie Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-11-07 Size:TTT

On October 20th, the 7th Hub Academic Forum for Doctors of Economics and Management was held at CUEB. More than 30 experts and scholars, 150 doctors and 200 masters from domestic universities and research institutions attended the forum.

On the main forum, Lu Zhoulai, Director of the Economic Research Center of the College of Defense Studies, NDU, PLA, gave a keynote speech titledIncome Distribution, Social Equity and Sustainable Development; Zhang Ping, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences delivered a lecture on Theory, Evidence and Policy of Growth and Structural Transformation-Prospect of China's Economic Growth.

From social reality, Lu Zhoulai elaborated on the three issues of income distribution and social equity, social equity and sustainable development, income distribution reform and equitable social construction. From an economic view on social issues, he expressed his understanding of the relationship between the three from a unique perspective.

Zhang Ping in his report first discussed the general law of economic growth, and then summarized the characteristics and path of China's economic growth. He believed that the challenge to China in the "middle-income" stage is clear, so that we should make improvements in the two links of institution and knowledge sectors. The government should shift from vertical intervention to horizontal service, pay attention to the reform of science, education, culture and public health, promote the development of modern service industry, change the mode of financial resource allocation, promote the reform of taxation and finance, and continuously improve the efficiency to face the challenges.

In the afternoon, more than 70 doctoral students from 34 national colleges and universities gave lectures of their research achievements in 10 sub-forums on regional economics, enterprise management, industrial economy, international economy, national economy, accounting, labor economics, public finance and taxation, finance, information and safety engineering.

In the afternoon, directors of Postgraduate Student Affairs Office from Beihang University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Technology and Capital Normal University attended the Postgraduate Education Seminar.

On 21st, the closing ceremony of the 7th Hub Forum was held at the Academic Lecture Hall of Boxue Building. Yang Yiping, Vice Chairman of CUEB Academic Committee, announced the authors of excellent papers of this forum.

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