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CUEB Delegation Go to Five European Universities for Stronger Collaboration with “B&R”Countries

Author:Translated by Liang Jue Proofread by Chen Shuyi Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-06-06 Size:TTT
From May 17th to 25th, a CUEB delegation led by Party Secretary Feng Pei visited Italy, Poland and Hungary, so as to further collaboration with five high level universities in South Europe and Central Europe along the “Belt and Road.”The partnership covers international and innovative student education, academic exchanges, joint research and other areas.

University of Rome Tor Vergata

During the visit, CUEB delegation visited the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a prestigious public research university in Italy, whose economic discipline ranks second among Italian public universities. After establishing intercollegiate cooperation in May 2016, two universities reached a consensus on the English dual-degree master’s program in January 2017.On behalf of CUEB,Feng Pei inked an agreement with Giuseppe Novelli on a dual-degree master program provided by the two parties’ schools of economics,which is a new chapter to promote all-dimensional,multi-layered and wide-ranging cooperation between the two universities under the “Belt and Road” initiative. 

University of Salerno, Italy

Afterwards, during the visit at University of Salerno, Italy, the delegation introduced the all-English courses and international cooperation programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students from the School of Economics, School of Business Administration, and School of Public Finance and Taxation. Then the delegation listened to the introduction of how the School of Economics, Politics and Communication in University of Salerno implement their international education strategies. After discussion, the representatives reached a preliminary cooperation consensus on student education, academic exchanges, scientific research and international education with Salerno’s Departments of Economics, Business Administration and Information. The two universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding on intercollegiate cooperation after the meeting. 

Warsaw School of Economics in Poland

At the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland, the School Principal Marek Rocki, extended a warm welcome to the delegation. Later on,Liu Xuexin, dean of the CUEB Schoolof Business Administration, Li Hongxia, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Public Finance and Taxation, Zhao Jiazhang, deputy dean of the School of Economics carried out in-depth exchanges and reached a preliminary consensus with related colleges of Warsaw School of Economics, leaders of MBA program and summer program. The agreement covers EMBA program docking, graduate students’ dual-degree programs, teachers’ exchanges, etc. 

 Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary

The first stop of the delegation in Hungary is Eotvos Lorand University.Vice-chancellor Gabor Erdody in charge of international cooperation, extended a warm welcome to the delegation and expressed his hope for more common ground in inter-disciplinary cooperation on the basis of the 2015 intercollegiate MoU. The delegation reached a consensus with the Dean of the School of Social Sciences Gabor Juhasz and the faculty of the school on collaboration in all-English degree student exchange, joint education and teacher academic dialogue for economics and business administration programs. 

CUEB delegation then visited the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary, where the two universities exchanged ideas on disciplines and faculty development, scientific research advantages and international school running, and reached a preliminary consensus on interdisciplinary student education and academic exchange. 

Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary

The visit has innovated the cooperation mode between CUEB and the high level universities in Europe, and has developed new channels for "Belt and Road" international student education faculty building and international research cooperation. The achievements are the result of CUEB’s commitment to the Beijing Implementation Plan on Docking and Co-building the “Belt and Road”Education Initiative. CUEB will continue toleverage itsdistinct disciplinary strength, and provide talent and intellectual support to the B&R initiative with more profound education and cultural exchange with countries along the route. 

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