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Representatives of Embassy of the Republic of Chad Visit CUEB

Author:Translated by Wang Qi, proofread by Liang Jue Editor:Liang Jue Publish:2017-05-31 Size:TTT

On the afternoon of May 23, Xu Fang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC CUEB Committee, met with Second Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Chad, Charge d'affaires ad interim Hamide Maide Sidi, Economic Counsellor Mahamat Moustapha Yakhouba at Bona Building. The two sides held friendly talks on Ministry of Education of the Republic of Chad and the University of N'Djamena’s upcoming visit to CUEB, and the establishment of inter-university cooperation and student exchange. Undergraduates of International Economic and Business (All-English Program) of Class of 2015, Chad students Moussa accompanied the delegation.

Xu Fang gave a brief introduction of CUEB’s discipline structure and programs. Especially driven by “the Belt and Road” initiative in recent years, CUEB strengthened cooperation and exchanges with colleges and universities in Africa, organizing school-level delegations to visit Africa and enrolled many students from Tanzania, Ethiopia and other countries. Xu Fang expressed appreciation to Ministry of Education of the Republic of Chad and the University of N'Djamena for their efforts in establishing inter-school cooperation. Specific discussion will be held on student exchange, teachers visiting and economic and trade research cooperation. Xu Fang hoped that Embassy of Chad would recommend more excellent students to study at CUEB’s degree programs. CUEB will provide scholarships to the students. Xu Fang also invited the representatives of the Embassy of Chad to participate in international student culture festival in October this year.

Hamide Maide Sidi thanked CUEB for educating excellent Chad students like Moussa. He said the Embassy of Chad will be committed to promoting the Ministry of Education of Chad and Chad Universities’ cooperation and exchange with Ministry of Education of China and Chinese universities, sending more outstanding students to study in China, and he also invited experts and scholars of CUEB to visit Chad Universities.

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