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Journal of CUEB Selected as PKU Core Journals

Author:Translated by Zhang Juan,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-09-17 Size:TTT

Recently, CUEB Journal Press has received the notification from the editorial board of A Guide to the Core Journals of China of Peking University , which has confirmed that Journal of CUEB was selected into the 2017 A Guide to the Core Journals of China (the 8th version), and has become the core journal of “Comprehensive Economic Science”.

So far, Journal of CUEB has been selected into PKU Core Journals of China (2017), source journal of expanded edition (2017-2018) of CSSCI, RCCSE Core Academic Journals of China, China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, and China Core Journal Alternative Database, etc.

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