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Pres. Fu Zhifeng Meets Former French Inspector General of Ministry of National Education

Author:Translated by Wang TY,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-12-17 Size:TTT

On December 12th, President Fu Zhifeng met Prof. Joël Bellassen, former Inspector General of the Ministry of National Education (France), at the School of Foreign Studies in Boyuan Building. Both sides had a discussion about the development of French major, teacher allocations, responsibilities of Chinese and foreign teachers and cooperation.

After extending warm welcome to Prof. Joël Bellassen, President Fu gave a brief introduction of CUEB on its majors and school-running. He pointed out that CUEB is exploring a new talent-cultivating mode by enhancing the cooperation between Chinese teachers and foreign teachers, which will definitely pioneer a path in fostering foreign language professionals. Therefore, he hoped that Prof. Joël Bellassen could be a talent-introducing expert and a bridge through which we can establish comprehensive partnership with colleges & universities in France. 


Prof. Joël Bellassen introduced the training of French students in teaching Chinese and French as a foreign language. He also explained French teacher staffing in countries where he could give a hand. Besides, he expressed his own opinions on the professional level of foreign teachers and the relationship between Chinese teachers & foreign teachers concerning the teaching content. His affirmation was also showed in CUEB encouraging teachers to study abroad and its internationalized strategy.

Shang Xiaohui, Director of Personnel Office, Xie Haixia, Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Liu Wendong, Secretary of the General Party Branch of School of Foreign Studies, attended the meeting. After the meeting, Prof. Joël Bellassen delivered an academic report on Collision and Intersection of Chinese and Western Ways of Thinking from a Cross-cultural Perspective.

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